This is where I sleep

So I’m sure people have some curiosity about our living agreements since our master currently looks like this…

When we first looked at the home (which actually wasn’t on the market) the current owners were using the downstairs formal living room as their master bedroom, which looked like this.

Even with all the clutter the space felt huge and James and I could see it’s potential with it’s gorgeous hardwood floors and 5 piece molding.

This is what the space looked like the day we moved in. Our only piece in the whole house was our beloved piano that was delivered earlier that day.

And here it is in an expanded view (sorry, didn’t really clean up when I took this picture. LAZY)

And here it is clean.

Recognize those pots from ? They were originally used at our other house on the front porch.

front porch

6 Responses to “This is where I sleep”
  1. G-daddy says:

    Not everyone can have a bed in their frontroom… are definately setting the bar high for the rest of us!!!

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