Please Don’t Stare

Our side porch is getting nastier by the day. Anytime a swift wind, or hell even a gentle wind, sweeps by flakes of paint flutter away.

Here…let’s get a little closer

This is my favorite part

and the other side isn’t half bad either

I know I’m making you guys so jealous. Our spindles literally just break in half.

James and I were standing outside our house talking to a couple of our friends this past weekend when it really dawned on us how terrible it looked. Even if we weren’t ready to start tackling the porch just yet, something had to be done. Insert guns of steel.

A baby could have taken this porch apart it was so rotten. Excuse this hot mess of a picture. I literally was a hot mess. I had just gotten back from a run when James wanted to take apart the porch.  And at that particular moment he wanted to get an action shot of me. Looks like James is starting to participate in this things called my blog, eh? Well, the camera was turned on me and I was totally not digging it. We decided to leave some of it up for now because of code, but hopefully in a couple of months when the upstairs is more completed we can actually dedicate some time to getting it to look  good. Maybe even plant some scrubs.

Which brings me to a poll! Yay!

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5 Responses to “Please Don’t Stare”
  1. Kelly says:

    Your other porch is ballin’ – too much side porch might be a bad thing :-)

  2. Marko says:

    Make it a huge porch…add a couple of lazy boys recliners and of course a locked beer refrigerator….sit back and yell at your neighbors as they walk by!!!

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  1. […] of you know from this post and this one that our side porch is just a bit on the shabby side.  That changed over the weekend. […]

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