Model Call


I recently did a photo shoot for AnnKat Designs jewelry line. This was my behind the scenes outfit at 8 months. People say I should be a model. I have to agree, I really rock the yellow $3 thrift store cardigan like a pimp. Speaking of models, this girl – ms. Jayme should be. Anyways, … Continue reading

Up and All Around


Here is an update on where we stand with the upstairs bathroom right now. Most of our fixtures have come in and the tile guys came out last weekend to help us see what we still needed to get done before moving forward. We now have most of the items completed and tile will be … Continue reading

Chinese Fair


A couple of weekends ago I went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens Chinese Lantern Festival with James’ family.  You can see the exhibit all day, but the real treat is at night when they turn the lanterns on around 8pm. It was pretty neat and included dragons that even puffed out some smoke, but overall … Continue reading

Massive Update Time


So much to get you caught up on, but alas I’ve been using the time I would normally devote to blogging to start reading baby books on exactly how I’m supposed take care of a small infant. After learning I’m already 50% effaced on Wednesday at 35 weeks pregnant (btw did I ever post any … Continue reading

Styled Cut


Yo, it is style Monday. And only because I went and did shopping Sunday. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY.  After feeling a bit boring lately wearing over-sized shirts, maternity jeans, and flip-flops, it was time for an upgrade. This picture says it all. So I got some new necklaces, perfume and 3 new shirts. Score. Here I … Continue reading

Come and Get It


Yesterday was James and I’s 3 year wedding anniversary. In the spirit of last year we kind of celebrated on Monday after getting some free time handed to us. We started with appetizers at Q on their balcony, got annoyed with the service and headed over to Lewis & Clark’s 3rd story balcony for dinner. … Continue reading

Golden Ticket, er, Label

IMG_2575-001 450

Still here. Nothing ghostly to update on. Boo.  I’ve had a productive week so far and today is no exception. Yesterday was the launch of the most recent Black Birch online catalog for early summer. You can read it here – Or if you can’t view flash files here is the BB Early Summer 2012 … Continue reading

Ghost be Nimble

Whoa guys, whoa. Last night around 2:30 am our dog, Jack, started doing this low growl. We told him to knock it off like 5 times and he finally did, but it took way longer than it should have. Being that I was now up, I went downstairs to use the restroom, and found the … Continue reading

Dynasty Flooring Returns


You know some mornings you wake up and your hair is like perfect. Beyond anything you could have styled yourself? Sunday was not one of those mornings for me. Top it off with witch face and you’ve got yourself a winner. Yesterday, besides combing my hair, James I finally picked up the marble we needed … Continue reading

Killer Hobos


When I was home a couple of weeks ago to attend my friends wedding I happened to stop into another friends loft space and snapped some pictures of this pretty cool and kinda weird home. The walls have a lot of exposed brick and the place uses primarily plywood flooring. Something you don’t get in … Continue reading

Gettin’ realz


It’s been a week of silence. And not because I wanted it to be,  just got busy.  I’m pretty much looking at 7 weeks before Hunter is born. I can’t believe it and I wonder where did all this pregnancy time go. Feels like yesterday I was telling my parents that I was pregnant and … Continue reading

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