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    Cheeky Chic Studio was created to house all my projects.

    I’m a Marketing Director during the day and in my off hours I work on consulting businesses in brand creation/recreation, renovating two homes, training for races, and traveling.


Neglected Charm

We closed on a new rental property last Friday. I think we went to Lowe’s at least 5 times through out the weekend.  I’ll never do a reno without a Lowe’s or Home Depot within 5 miles.  The house has a lot of the same charm as our other rental property ( ). Arched doorways, thick … Continue reading


Scuba Steve

Hi, I’m megs. Remember me? Man, what a horrible blog owner I’ve been. But I’ve got an hour of free time tonight and I just so happen to be wearing clothes that are 3X bigger than they need to be on me, and a roll of thin mint cookies next to me, so I’m ready to … Continue reading


World Peace

We bought a new mattress recently. We tried to take it upstairs, but remembered from previous mattress moves that it was impossible to get a box spring up the stairs. So we threw the old one off the balcony and hoisted the other one up and over the balcony. We left the mattresses in the … Continue reading

I mosied around for 9 days

Sup. While James was doing flight training in Dallas, Hunter and I mosied around for 9 days. He learned how to drink from a cup. We listened for airplanes. And we also got to go to my grandfathers grave. My grandfather was abandoned as a child by his parents. He lied about his age and joined … Continue reading

2014-02-15 23.02.09

You Sound Surprised

Two Fridays ago  my work laptop got stolen out of my car. Not only should that have been upsetting enough, but in my briefcase was also an external hard drive that contained 4 years of pictures and portfolio work that I hadn’t fully backed up. The police came to collect my report, but I knew … Continue reading

2014-01-25 12.33.27

Can I buy you a drink?

You know what I love? Free vacations.  If you’ve been following this blog from the beginning, you’ve followed our luck on free vacations to Mexico twice already. This time and this time.  Same deal as this time.  Goodbye loser 5 degree weather (yes, I’ve been driving crazy and 14 mpg was my average). and we … Continue reading

Large Family photo

A feast of photos

Right before Thanksgiving I was asked to do a large extended family group photo, as well as their individual family photos. It would be a Christmas gift for the kids grandparents.  Turns out, when I showed up I recognized one of the families as an old co-worker. We both had a big shock when I … Continue reading


I’m like so big. on. them.

Well, the rain and heat wave this weekend melted the majority of our 10-12″ of  snow. Uh, buh-bye.  I celebrated with new pillows and flowers about the house. Even the sun streaming in our upstairs bedroom reminded me of  summer. so close. so close.   Besides my grand fantasies of tan skin and warm weather, … Continue reading

All of them. done.

Ah, the holidays have wrapped up.  Thanksgiving. Done. Christmas. Done. (That’s some high dime hooker earrings. Perfect for Christmas breakfast).  New Years Eve. Done. Yeah, we really didn’t do anything for New Years Eve. We had a small group of friends come over before they all went out for dinner. No babysitter for Hunter and … Continue reading

Dog Treatment

My sis and I always have grand thoughts during the holidays that we will provide for our families with scrumptious homemade treats. However, this very rarely happens. So please bear with me as I relish in the fact that not only did I take a dog treat recipe from my business partner,  Jayme,  but I … Continue reading


Hunter’s Snow Day

Finally, after seeing everyone else get snow we got some last Friday!

2013-12-14 21.33.24

You Should Get Ready

Today is my hubs  30th Birthday! Ek, I’m married to a thirty year old. On Saturday night, James was busy working in the attic doing electrical work. When he finally emerged, he found me dressed for a night out. “You need to get ready.” I said calmly. “What? What are you talking about?” James wide … Continue reading


What’s the Condition

During my first year of college I found out I had a breast tumor (turned out benign).  Right before I went in for surgery I told my dad and sister that I was going to try and wake up during the middle of it and rap a lyric from the Beastie Boys song Ch-Ch-Check It … Continue reading

Look into my good eye

Yawn. I’m sleepy. I’ve been going non-stop for a while now and I’m pretty tired. Saturday was Jayme and I’s Black Birch winter pop-up store, Frost Pop.  We had a GREAT turn out, so we will definitely be doing this show next year. Even sold out on our new Palm Spring vegan soap.  And James … Continue reading


My. nearly 30. face.

Folks that face isn’t getting any younger.  So Jayme and I created an Organic Facial Serum. We worked on this formulation for months, but we think we have a really great serum to share with you.  It is  packed full of powerful organic ingredients in every bottle such as….   Organic Rosehip Seed Oil Our Rosehip Seed … Continue reading

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