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    Cheeky Chic Studio was created to house all my projects.

    I’m a Marketing Director during the day and in my off hours I work on consulting businesses in brand creation/recreation, renovating two homes, training for races, and traveling.


Ice Ice Baby

My sister came in town for 5 days to help take care of me and the household while James had some flights. She not only did chores, but made me tons of mason jar salads, homemade pizza and pasta, and best of all took Hunter on an adventure to the Science Center. But Hunter wasn’t … Continue reading


Mama and Baby Hospital Packing List

I’ve gotten a number of questions from my friends about what to pack for their overnight bags while in the hospital recovering from labor. Here is what I brought this 2nd time around. You will notice on this list I don’t mention food or entertainment. The hospital we went to had a free snack center … Continue reading

Belly Bandit

Let’s talk tummy time, and I don’t mean for Greyson. I’m talking jelly belly review. If you’ve ever given birth before you know that empty cavernous feeling in your belly once the baby is born. A massive amount of weight that was once being lugged around by your body is instantly gone after birth and … Continue reading

Getting Settled

So far so good, as we settle into day 6 with Greyson. Taking him to his first doctors appointment this afternoon and I’m optimistic on the weight gain as my milk came in pretty quickly. Yay for nursing Hunter until he was 18 months. I swear, the 2nd time around on caring for an infant … Continue reading

Our Baby Greyson

James and I are over the moon excited to announce that on March 11th at 2:03am, our son Greyson was born! He weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 19 inches long. We just got home this afternoon and are getting settled into our new family of four. We feel truly blessed! I’ll be sharing … Continue reading

2015-03-06 07.31.22

The Day.

I hate how I told myself months ago that tomorrow, my due date, is nothing more than a lucky guess for 40 weeks and don’t place any importance on it. But here I am, now at “40 weeks” and trying to not feel overly excited, grumpy, and anxious all at the same time. I had … Continue reading

2014-12-13 20.49.58

The Children Were Screaming…and other bedtime adventures

To prepare for baby #2, we started working with Hunter on changing rooms and moving into a big boy bed. First step was removing the walls on the crib. Ah, the thought of him just roaming around scared the crap out of me. I wanted to keep him in his crib until he protested (or turned … Continue reading

Home Tour

It’s DOUBLE FRIDAY! Ohmygosh, remember when I used to post like everyday? Oh, how fancy that was of me. So back in September James and I allowed our home to be part of our local historical societies Home Tour. Some peeps on instagram and facebook wanted to see more photos of our house, so here … Continue reading


“You do realize I’m taking your photo, right?”

My MUCH older sister ( okay, she is only like a year older than me) wanted me to take her family photos, plus some headshots. She is really pretty and has wig-like quality hair, so this was a very easy session. Actually, I was a little nervous that her son, who is 5 and has a … Continue reading

2014-10-08 11.31.512

This Belly is Expanding

If you follow me on the  instagram or the facebook, you already know that James and I are expecting baby No. 2!  I found out a week before 4th of July.   Since most of the damn family was going to be around during 4th of July celebrations, we decided to share the news over … Continue reading

2014-08-02 09.36.24

North Korea

I dreamt that I was in the Olympics and had to go to North Korea ( I know, this is already getting out of hand). I was running late to catch my flight from South Korea to North Korea. My coach and I had to chase down our plane on the runway. The pilots and crew … Continue reading

Lion Bathtime

I’m bananas for this kid.

Master Bedroom Progress Update

We finally moved into our new master bedroom last weekend! The room used to be like this in 2011 and you can view the first round of renovations here . This is also a good post if you are new to the blog. Anyways, I’m too lazy to walk you through all the steps, but basically … Continue reading

2014-07-04 11.25.00-1

Giant Corpse Flower Fireworks

Mattress shopping is how we started prepping our home for Fourth of July guests. Which happened fairly quickly with a “borrowed” costco card. Hunter was a good sport during the shopping adventure by finding a picnic table and setting up camp.    Besides mattress, I also happened to put some unnecessary patriotic  items in my Amazon.com … Continue reading

2014-05-10 13.36.26

A mama and a papa day recap

Say hey there, on Mother’s Day week (yeah, I’m aware Father’s Day just wrapped up ) my hubs let me spend $50 and get a POS golf cart from work. It had been used around the warehouse and had seen better days. James and I have grandiose plans that this will be our ride down … Continue reading

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